Digital Repositories

Searching through these repositories, I wasn't always able to find what I was looking for but I was usually able to find other interesting facts and information. Here's a list of some of the ones I used. This list is not complete so I will be updating it as I go along.

University of New Mexico Digital Respository

University of Arizona Campus Repository
*** The NMGS had a link to their Southwest Collection on the NMGS website. Following that tip, I was able to find information on my ancestors and order the documents from the library via email. Once the document was ready they simply emailed me the invoice and I followed up with a phone call to pay over the phone - they instantly emailed me the document after payment. I found this resource incredibly helpful!

New Mexico State University Library - Digital Collections
I can't go without mentioning how incredibly helpful the people are at this library are. I searched their online catalog and located a book I'd been contemplating purchasing. I used the "chat" feature to ask if someone would be willing to look in that book and see if it had the information I needed and I was so pleasantly surprised that they actually did. This was incredibly helpful because the book did not have the information I was hoping it had so they saved me the $50.00 I would have spent finding that out on my own.

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