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I contemplated upgrading my DNA results to mtDNA for a very long time, because the cost was so high, but I couldn't bear to wait anymore and early this year I was finally willing to part with the money.

mtDNA results are much more complex and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Basically, these results are for my maternal line, which I will post below, but for privacy reasons, I am going to start a few generations back.


My Mother

My Grandmother

My Great-Grandmother:  Maria Rita Abeyta

2nd Great-Grandmother:  Maria Librada de los Dolores Gomez

3rd Great-Grandmother:  Maria Estefana Miera - this New Mexico Family Line dates back to Bernardo Miera y Pacheco (whose historical significance and accomplishments you will read about in further posts). He was born in Santibanez, Villacarriedo, Santander Province, Cantabria, Spain.  He was a Spanish Soldier, from a prominent family who is believed to have left Spain circa 1734. In 1741 he married my 6th Great-Grandmother in Janos, Janos, Chihuahua, Mexico. 1743 he arrived at El Paso del Norte and in 1756 he became the Alcalde Mayor (and served as War Captain) of Galisteo and Pecos, in New Mexico. 

4th Great-Grandmother:  Maria Catalina Sisneros

5th Great-Grandmother:  Juana Francisca de Martin Serrano - her paternal line, the Martin Serrano family line, begins in New Mexico in the mid 1600's. My 9th Great Grandfather, in this line, was classified, in the Spanish Caste System as a "mestizo"- of mixed blood. His father was born in Zacatecas, Nueva Galicia (Mexico) and I will have to do further research so see what the Spanish origins are.

6th Great-Grandmother: Andrea Quiteria Garcia de Noriega   - her paternal family lines are of the following families: Garcia de Noriega, Gonzalez Bas, del Castillo, Varela Perea, Holguin. You will see these names amongst some of the first families who settled in New Mexico before and after the Reconquest.

7th Great-Grandmother: Maria Francisca Gallegos  - I haven't had time to explore this line more but I will update this post when I do. What is interesting is that the husband of Maria Francisca Gallegos was  Alonzo Garcia de Noriega and it is his maternal line that was "Gonzalez Bas".  If you read my "Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Results" page you will remember that my ancestor in the Gonzalez Bas line was believed to be of the "old Bernal-Griego clan" - the Griego's are believed to be from Greece.

My mtDNA Results
Haplogroup B2a2
Extra Mutations: 309.1C      315.1C    522.1A    522.2C    A4180G    A8348G    A16183c
Missing Mutations: C16111T

My mtDNA - Ancestral Origins

Exact Match:
Country: Ireland                                                     1  Match
               Spain                                                       1   Match
               United States (Native American)            6  Matches

Genetic Distance - 1       
Country:  Mexico                                                   2  Matches
                Spain                                                      1  Match
                United States                                          1  Match
                United States (Native American)           5  Matches

Genetic Distance - 2
Country:  Mexico                                                   2  Matches
                Spain                                                      3  Matches
                United States (Native American)           5  Matches

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