Very early in my research process, I came across the work of Dr. Dell Sanchez and he work has touched me in so many ways. I just can't go without sharing his name and his work.

If you took a look at My Ancestry DNA Ethnicity tab, you'll see that I have 2% European Jewish in my autosomal dna results, however, when I got further tested my results said that I was not a match for Ashkenazi or Sephardic Jew.

The surnames of both of my Maternal Great-Grandparents (through my Mom's Mother)  are Basque and because they have a Penitente background, there was a great deal of secrecy in the family (even when I was growing up). I understand it and have a great deal of respect for it now, but growing up it was mysterious and a little bit scary to hear of their practices. I couldn't be more proud to come from a Penitente family and my Grandmother had a great deal of pride in that as well. 

Oddly enough, my Maternal Grandfather's family was from Mexico and his mothers maiden name was also Basque. I can't wait to dig into that research a bit more, as well.

When I started to search for information on my my ancestors Basque surnames, I happened to come across the name Dr. Dell Sanchez. My husband and I have spent entire evenings watching video after video of his message and lectures on the history of the Crypto-Jews in Mexico and New Mexico.

Although I have not completed all my research on these lines, I did learn that you will find Basque surnames among the Crypto-Jew families in New Mexico.

Because of the all the variations in our Basque surnames, I've spent the least amount of time conducting research on these lines because the the paper trail is pretty sketchy. I've gathered lots of information, but to research not one, but two Basque family lines with so many name variations, it needs my full time and attention - I haven't had that to spare.

What I found was interesting is that, not only did the Penitentes have to practice in secrecy, there were many Crypto-Jews who have had to do so for many years. I think this is why I find Dr. Dell Sanchez's lectures so compelling. He always describes his passion for his study on the history of the Crypto-Jews as his "blood crying out" and that is precisely how I've felt while conducting this family history research. His words really speak to me, even if I have no Jewish connection to his message.

When I began to comb through microfilms and record indexes, I realized that there was no way I was going to get anywhere if I didn't first learn more about the Spanish Inquisition and familiarize myself with the terms used in the Spanish Caste System. The only thing I can say, to describe my reaction to what I began to learn, was utter shock.

Here are some of the first words I began to learn the meaning of:

marrano - swine, a "Jews living in Iberia who converted or were forced to convert to Christianity"¹
judiazantes - Jews who practiced in secret²
converso - a convert (Jew to Roman Catholicism)²
moriscos - a convert (Muslim to Christian)²

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The history is heartbreaking and I know I can not do it justice, so you'll find the website address to Dr. Dell Sanchez's YouTube channel posted below.

Here's a website I just came across on Sephardic Genealogy



3) Dr. Dell Sanchez YouTube Channel

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