A Brand New Year

Boy, its sure been a while since I made a post on this blog. So let me tell you what I've been up to!

The thing I enjoy most about working on this blog is the research. If I could research all day, every day, all year long, every year...I'd be a pretty happy camper. Unfortunately bills, laundry, dishes, family, and all my other responsibilities, stand in the way of me living that dream.

When the holidays came round and my son was due home from college, I decided to just focus on research for the remainder of the year and hold off on posting again until the new year. I invested a great deal of time researching and compiling information on the Ulibarri line. I also decided to keep a log of compiled information on EVERY Ulibarri I came across in all of the indexes I have. My collection of indexes has also grown a bit, since I last posted.

Just before Christmas, I stopped researching to focus on the holiday. A few days after Christmas, we had a little bit of a crisis to deal with and all my energy has been focused on navigating through the stresses of that situation. Needless to say, we've had our hands full over here.

One day, last week, I went out to run errands and the stress of everything I had on my shoulders was so bad that I had to drive to my church to ask for prayer to give me the strength to deal with what we had going on. Once I finally did get home, I got a call that my Grandfather had been very ill and had spent some time in the hospital.

After preparing for the worst and flying my son back home (6 days after we flew him back to school for the new semester), my Grandfather started to make an improvement. It'll probably be a while before we have the other situation sorted out, but realizing how blessed we are, despite that, and that there are far worse things that can happen (like coming so close to losing another loved one), so  thankfully that unbearable stress I was experiencing hasn't come back.

In every possible way, it feels like this is going to be a very good year. I don't know how it will be, or why I feel so strongly about it, but 2018 feels like it holds some promise. I hope you all feel that way about this new year too.

I haven't touched my research in at least a month and I don't know when things will start to settle down over here. I can't wait to get back to this blog and to sharing more with you. For now, I wanted to give you the warmest wishes for a very happy year and I look forward to posting more for you soon.

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