Overcoming Inertia

Yesterday was the first day I really had a chance to take a breather and make an assessment of where exactly I was in handling my responsibilities at home, since our lives got a bit hectic last month.

A quick recap...my grandfather was in a health decline and eventually passed away. It was not even a week later that my mother got very sick and ended up in the emergency room. 20 days later, she was discharged after suffering a terrible bloodstream infection, severe pain from having pleurisy and surviving major heart surgery. It's only been three days since she was released and now all of us are just getting back to our lives, still trying to recuperate from the stresses of the past month and finding a new normal.

So yesterday I came to my computer to pay my bills and when the screen came up, the eulogy my son wrote for my grandfather's funeral was still up on the screen. He was making some revisions to it before we left for the funeral, a few weeks ago, and I hadn't touched my computer since. I figured that something had to be done to bring some freshness into our lives here at home. To make movement. To go forward. As always, one of the most enjoyable things I get to do with my life, among other things, is work on this blog and do my family history research – so I decided that this is what would help me to become “unstuck”.

When my grandmother passed away, two years ago, it was a year after my grandfathers massive stroke. Although he eventually regained some of his strength, he had been in such bad shape after his stroke that it would've made more sense for him to go first. My grandmothers passing came like a thief in the night, and where all of us had already cracked from the stresses of the previous year, the pain of her death further broke us down into tiny little pieces. As for me, although I despise being typical, I admit that it took a long time to cycle through all of the five stages of grief and I lingered, a great while, in some longer than others.

My grandparents were so deeply, so completely and so utterly in love. They could never stand to be apart. When together, they were constantly holding hands, reminiscing about how they met or taking naps together in their recliner. These two years, since my grandmother passed, it was so hard to see my grandfather there alone, without his babe (which is what he called her). Now that I have some time to refocus and get back on track with things, I can't help feeling like something is missing in my life. I thought that maybe it was because my grandfather was now gone or that maybe because my mothers life will never be the same after having heart surgery – but I realized that what is missing is that cloud of sadness I had, from knowing my grandparents were apart and there was nothing anyone could do about it. This cloud consumed me for the better part of the past two years. It's strange to realize just how much sadness becomes a part of you, how it sticks to you, surrounds you and in some ways comforts and protects you. It's also a very strange physical sensation when you notice that its gone. I am amazed by the lightness that exists where there used to be such a heavy oppression bearing down on me.

We had a 3 day vigil at my grandfathers bedside before he passed and it was when everyone left to eat that he began to transition. Luckily, there were still some family members that stayed in the room with him and when they saw he was starting to go, my sister said to him, “Go find grandma” and he lifted his head and his face lit up into a huge smile and a few moments later he was gone. Knowing that his “babe” was there to greet him on the other side, made this incredible loss a bit more bearable.

I think I spent so much time lingering in my grief, after my grandmother passed, that I have no need for it this time around. This blog was birthed out of my grief and sometimes it was so difficult to work on because of that – I wasn't ready to share the one thing that was bringing me the most comfort because I still needed it, I still relied on it. It was only today that I sent a link to this website with my own sister.

Somehow, in all the hecticness, I was able to gather some things to share at my grandfathers Rosary. I had spent many hours interviewing my grandfather on his experience being a Prisoner of War in Pomerania during World War II. I have books, newspaper clippings, his Army Air Corps and German Prison Camp dogs tags, and other relics, that I put on display at his Rosary. I also typed up a brief history for others to read. My grandfather had earned a Purple Heart from his injuries during World War II, the plane he served as a tail gunner on (a B17 Flying Fortress) was shot down, he was captured and imprisoned by the Germans for 8 months and spent 86 grueling days on the 600 mile Death March – but some family members, that had known my grandfather for over 40 years, never knew these things about him. He didn't want to talk about these experiences for decades, before he was willing to share them with me. I always felt grateful to have that time with my grandparents, when I'd sit there having coffee with them and interview them after our usual breakfast of my grandma's most heavenly cheese-covered potatoes. Now I see the magnitude of that wonderful gift they both gave me, of sharing so much with me. It motivates me to commit more time to this blog, to actually share it with my friends and family members, and continue digging away at the research.

I neglected this blog so much this past year and many times, when I was asked if I was going to continue working on it, I would make quick inconsequential posts to bide my time until I felt more focused and devoted to the time it takes to organize information and type things out. Now that I have a lightness and a sense of “something missing”, I have this positive and enjoyable hobby to replace it with, so I'll be seeing you here more often.

I hope you're ready for the holidays because they're a-comin'! I'm definitely looking forward to this holiday season and to making more memories with the people I love.

Happy researching!

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The Grass is Not Always Greener

Since the end of 2017, I've been planning on doing a complete overhaul on this blog. I planned to redo the way I post the Individual Pages and Family Group Pages (which is why I stopped creating these pages, temporarily). I also planned to completely switch my blog over to Wordpress so that I could have plugin options. Have either of those two plans been fruitful??? The answer is no. Not at all. Not one bit.

I've indulged so much in the research aspect of this blog, that I'd been too caught up in it to share very much with all of you and I sincerely apologize for that.

Yesterday I sat in my accountants office trying to explain to him why I have so many expenses for this blog and what exactly it's all about. I didn't even have my blog set to public, so I could show him, because I'd been in the middle of the chaotic transfer I was trying to make to Wordpress. I realized I really needed to get on the ball and super pronto!

So after wrangling with my transfer to Wordpress for most of the day today, I decided that the grass was definitely not greener - I mean how can it be when I'd probably end up spending many more weeks trying to perfect it and further delay sharing anything with all of you?

Also, I'm going to keep the format I'm currently using, to post profiles. Yes, I try my darndest to line all the information up perfectly so there's some sense of uniformity, but once I click "publish", that information is zigzagging all over the place. That's something we're just going to have to deal with folks because time is of the essence and sometimes I ain't got but a few seconds to post stuff for you.

August is here and with it is a whole lot of heat and the bustle of preparations for the upcoming school year. I hope you're having a fabulous summer and that you enjoy every last moment you can with your families before the kids are off to school.

Happy researching!

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Remember Me?

Wow, it feels strange to finally sit down and write a post after all this time. Can you believe it's been 4.5 months since I posted anything to my blog? Shame on me!

SO! I did start researching again, full time, a few months ago. I truly love the research process and it felt so good to get back to this project that is so important to me. I recently discovered some interesting information about one of my great-grandfathers (who I'm related to in a couple of different ways) that I'm eager to explore further, but for now I'm trying to just finish up transferring all my research to a new tree and format that cites all my sources. I was so excited when I initially began researching my family history that I didn't take good notes on my sources or cite them at all. They were stored in my noodle and that was more than sufficient for me. Retracing my steps has been one heck of a lengthy process, but I've made some good progress and can't wait until I have more freedom to move forward without having to repeat stuff I've already done.

If you're a member of the New Mexico Genealogical Society you might already know these two very exciting things. 

1)   The New Mexico Genealogical Society is having their 58th Anniversary Conference this October 26-27, 2018.  When I found this out I immediately emailed my friend, Henrietta Christmas (president of the society), and asked her what the weather was like in New Mexico at that time of year because I really wanted to attend. Since then, I cooled my jets a little because I have a few things coming up that will definitely take up a lot of my time and attention until the end of the year. Since I'd like to have a well scheduled, researched and mapped out trip, when I do go to New Mexico, I'd like to wait until I'm completely ready to take it all in. Right now, it seems that I'll be more of a frazzled, disorganized train wreck if I scramble to go now.   

2)    The society just published 3 new indexes. I literally had my order secured on Amazon minutes after I got the notification newsletter in my email and they were delivered the very next day. My index collection has grown significantly and I realize I've neglected to make those updates to my book list (which you'll find a tab for, located just below the blog title at the top of this page). When I have a moment I'll update that book list for you.

We recently had to change cable companies so I was forced to finally jot down all the documentaries, tv shows and series episodes that I had recorded on my DVR - ones that pertain to history, family history, genealogy, different cultures, etc.. I'd been saving them there so I could eventually share the titles with you, but of course I can't find that list now. I know I have it here somewhere and once I find it, I'll post that info for you.

 I'm so glad to be back to researching and posting. I'm excited to get things moving along so that I can finally plan my long awaited trip to the motherland. My heart has been yearning to go back and experience New Mexico again, its been way too long. I may not make that conference in October, but I urge any of you who are able to go, to visit the New Mexico Genealogical Society website and register for the event.

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An Ode to my Genealogy Woes

Several months ago I made a post stating that I was “Reconstructing Profiles” and I promise you, that was no joke. As you've probably noticed, I haven't posted those new profiles. There have been some major kinks in my plan, so I will explain.

From November to December I not only did some hardcore researching, I started to transfer all of the 900 plus people in my family tree to a more comprehensive format. Even though the chaotic filing system, I have going on here at home, makes perfect sense to me, it doesn't exactly translate well to the page. I get my system, I understand the notes on my sources, but continuing my research has always been the most exciting part for me so I didn't always invest the time cool my jets and type everything out before continuing with my research. I made minimal notes to my actual family tree and continued with my research.

I like to use Ancestry.com to enter the information for my family tree. I'm comfortable with the format, although I definitely wish I could tweak some things to my satisfaction and preferences. It's also visually easier for me to flip back and forth through my family tree than say, FamilySearch.org.

I do use many of the resources on the FamilySearch.org website. Their resources are endless and when you chat with them for assistance, they are so nice and helpful. Going to their main hub in Salt Lake City, Utah, is definitely on my Bucket List, but for now they offer so much online and at their Family History Centers, that are located worldwide, I won't need plan my trip there for a while. The things that I wish were different on the FamilySearch.org website are 1) there aren't any privacy options and 2) anyone can make changes to your family tree.  

One thing that I don't prefer, on Ancestry.com, is how it saves some of the information to your family tree. For example, when you save a census record to your family tree on Ancestry.com it will enter that into the Facts Section as a residence (not a census record) and based on how that information was entered into their system, it will often leave out valuable gems of information (like the fact that my ancestor was blind, what their occupation was, etc. etc.). When I began transferring my ancestors to a new family tree, more thoroughly, I went ahead and took the liberty of documenting each bit of information and was diligent about citing my sources. When I transferred my Ancestry.com GEDCOM to the version of Ancestral Quest that I had purchased, all of the extra bits of information, I had gone to great lengths to painstakingly type out, did not translate from the GEDCOM to either of the two software programs I planned on using. Oy vey, has this been a bit of a nightmare!

So the two software programs I had decided to use were:
  1. Ancestral Quest - because of all the amazing charts options you have to choose from and because it allows you to keep your information private
  2. RootsMagic - because although you don't have many chart options in the free version, it does allow you to prepare a Narrative Report. The version of Ancestral Quest that I purchased does not allow you to print Narrative Reports.
One thing that irks me is that when you have Baptisms entered on your GEDCOM and you upload that to a software that is primarily formatted for LDS (Church of Latter Day Saints) life events, the info for those Baptism records don't show up on any of your reports because their software is formatted to show "Christenings". The problem is that you can't just simply go back and switch the event from a Baptism to a Christening in Ancestry.com, you have to delete that entry and retype the information. And in order to have the other software programs recognize the Baptism information, you have to go into each individual profile to set it to do that. So far, I have over 200 people transferred to my new family tree format and short of learning computer code so that I can create my own family tree software (which is so tempting), I will have to go back and retype much of the information I have already transferred to the new family tree. The problem is, its not only the Baptisms that aren't showing up, its all of the custom events that I entered into my family tree.

So back to the new profiles I was going to construct.....I was going to use the new software to do that, but things aren't exactly going as planned. Isn't it funny how so many ideas are much better in theory????

There may be a better way to do this, I just haven't figured it out yet. For now, I will go back to creating profiles in the same manner that I had already begun posting. I'm so, so sorry for the delay. I have lots to share with you and I will begin posting it as soon as I stop kicking myself in the arse.   

Happy researching!

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Secret Baptisms, Secret Marriages & Other Secret Affairs

Good day to you all!

It feels good to get back to researching again. We're currently awaiting the results of the engineers  inspection report on the damage to our home, so there's no better time to get back to work than now. I tried working on crafts to ease my stress but nothing does the trick like getting back to researching!

Admittedly, I can't remember where I left off when I was researching the Ulibarri's in the Indexes and transferring the people in my family tree to a new (more thorough) one. When I initially began researching, I wasn't familiar with how to cite sources or how important it was to keep track of specific bits of information. My work was a bit sloppy and even though I understood it all, translating it to a format that would be suitable for my blog has been a very time consuming process.

That being the case, I decided to ease back into my blogging by updating my Microfilm page with the titles, locations and dates they pertain to. (You can access it by clicking on the Microfilm tab above). 

As I was looking up the information for the microfilms I have on that page, I noticed that there are microfilms pertaining to Secret Baptisms (Bautismos Secretos). Very interesting!

While conducting my own family history research, there have been a few ancestors that either had children less than 9 months after their weddings or I've been unable to locate baptism records at all for their first child. Through other records it appears that their children may have been born before the parents even got married. This is where microfilms on "Secret Baptisms", "Secret Marriages" and "Other Secret Affairs" may come in handy.

I went ahead and searched the Family History website for anything Secretive in the records for New Mexico, Mexico and Spain, so here's a list of some of the stuff I came up with:

"Registros parroquiales, 1637-1956"
Authors: Iglesia Catolica. (Zapopan, Jalisco) (Main Author)
Archivo Diocesano de Guadalajara (Repository)
277460     Bautismos secretos 1869-1900
277461     Bautismos secretos 1900-1934
277462     Bautismos secretos 1934-1949
277463     Bautismos secretos 1949-1956

"Registros parroquiales, 1792-1948"
Authors: Iglesia Catolica. Inmaculada Concepcion (Galeana, Chihuahua) (Main Author)
Archivo Diocesano de Chihuahua (Repository)
1511693  (Incluye bautismos secretos, 1893-1897)

"Libros parroquiales de la cuidad de Mexico: extractos"
Author: Montejano Hilton, Maria de la Luz
v. 2. Libro de matrimonios y otros asuntos secretos de la Parroquia de San Sebastián (1787-1858)
(translation : Book of marriages and other secret affairs of the Parish of San Sebastian)

"Registros parroquiales: parroquia Asuncion Sagrario Metropolitano en la colonia Centro, delegacion de Cuauhtemoc, 1536-1953"
Author: Iglesia Catolica. Asunción Sagrario Metropolitano (Centro, Distrito Federal); Archivo Diocesano de México (Distrito Federal)
35279     Matrimonios de españoles 1816-1818 (incluyen matrimonios secretos, 1779-1890)

"Registros parroquiales de San Sebastián Martir, 1637-1954"
Authors: Iglesia Católica. San Sebastián Martir (Centro, Distrito Federal) (Main Author)
Archivo Diocesano de México (Distrito Federal)(Repository)

37426     Matrimonios de españoles 1809-1822 incluye matrimonios secretos (varias fechas)

"Registros parroquiales de Santa Cruz y Soledad, 1633-1955"
Authors: Iglesia Católica. Santa Cruz y Soledad (Centro-Barrio la Soledad, Distrito Federal) (Main Author) Archivo Diocesano de México (Distrito Federal)(Repository)

195754     Matrimonios secretos 1837-1885

"Registros parroquiales, 1594-1961"
Author: Iglesia Católica. Santiago Apóstol (Silao, Guanajuato); Archivo Diocesano de Leon
292006     Matrimonios secretos 1865-1913

"Registros parroquiales, 1899-1943"
Authors: Iglesia Católica. Vicaría Misión del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (Jilotlán de los Dolores, Jalisco) (Main Author); Iglesia Católica. Vicaría Misión del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (Jilotlán de los Dolores, Jalisco) (Repository)
1873228 Items 1-3      
Bautismos de hijos naturales (Libro Secreto) 1904-1943 (faltan años)

"Spain, Cádiz, Cádiz, registro civil"
Authors: Cadiz (Cadiz). Ayuntamiento (Main Author); Archivo Municipal de Cádiz (Spain) (Repository)

5833525     Nacimientos secretos, vol 6010, 1850
5834248     Matrimonios secretos, vol 6112, 1850
5834249     Matrimonios secretos, vol 6113, 1851-1854

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Ulibarri's in the Indexes

One of the go-to books that researchers on New Mexican genealogy commonly refer to is, Origin's of New Mexico Families, (aka ONMF) by Fray Angelico Chavez. This was one of the first books I bought on New Mexican genealogy, back in 2009 and I had a wonderful time combing through it with my Grandmother. I still remain completely fascinated by this book and have many family lines that are documented in it.

In more recent years, some well known researchers have made updates and corrections to the information contained in that book and I've done my best to stay current with the updates. I haven't, however, seen any updates to the Ulibarri lines. I do think there might be some discrepancies to the information provided on Ulibarri genealogy in ONMF but it will take me some time to know for sure.

My Ulibarri family lines have been some of the most difficult to navigate through. There are so many name variations to the Ulibarri name and I check and recheck everything I search through numerous times, in case I miss anything. It has been a very time consuming process.

One thing I decided to do is to keep a log of ALL Ulibarri's I come across in the indexes, not just my own family line of Ulibarri's. I figured that this would make it easier for me in my own research and that it might also be helpful to you in yours.

I'm sure that there might be a better way to do this, but for now I'm going to share with you some of the work I've done so far. I haven't gone through ALL of my indexes yet but I will post that information when I get to it. For now, here is the info I've collected in 8 of the indexes I have. I'm still going through the other 4 indexes I have here at home and will post that information once I'm finished.

*** Most of the information I found on my own Ulibarri ancestors will not be found in the information I am providing below. When I was compiling these lists, I put that information on separate lists that I will be sharing with you in other posts.

*** I am posting this information with permission of the New Mexico Genealogical Society

If you are also searching your Ulibarri ancestors, here are some other names & name variations you may want to look into:

"No Surnames" - each index has a section that lists people with no surnames in the records.

de los Reyes (Last & Middle Names) - you will sometimes find people with a "de los Reyes" middle name in the "No Surnames" section of some indexes


Naranjo - I didn't include people with the name "Naranjo" on some of these lists below, but I will be researching those as well. ONMF references someone with the last name "Naranjo Ulibarri" so in order to figure out if the ONMF is correct, I'm researching Naranjo as well. 

Olguin/Holguin - I didn't find Ulibarri's listed under these names often, but I did see it at least once





Roybal/Roybali/Ruibali - Roybal is a different name entirely but it was often confused with "Ruibali", which is a name variation of Ulibarri 

Ruys/Ruiz - One of the Ulibarri's referenced in ONMF said he is of "de los Reyes" and that name was sometimes confused with Ruys/Ruiz



Ulibarri's Found in 
 “New Mexico Baptisms: Santo Tomas de Abiquiu, Vol I 1754-1811”
Extracted by: Virginia Langham Olmstead & Evelyn Lujan Baca
Published by: NMGS Press

Abq Bap v. 1 Page 1 – 1754 - Joseph de Santa Gertrudis Roybal, Indian
( Parents – Felipe Roybal & Juana Gomes)
(gp/ Salbador Baldes & Micaela Baldes, Spanish Neighbors of this Pueblo)

Abq Bap v. 1 Page 4 – 1756 - Maria Loreta Ulibarria, Collota of Ojo Calliente
(Parents – Maurisio Ullibarria & Dorotea Roybal)
(gp/Diego Apodaca & Rosalia Apodaca)

Abq Bap v. 1 Page 28 – 1776 - Maria de los Dolores Ruibal, Indian del Pueblo
(Parents – Diego Antonio (n.s.) & Maria (n.s.) )
(gp/ Jose Ruibal & Jacinta Truxillo)

Abq Bap v. 1 Page 98 – 1792 - Maria Trinidad Urribali, vecina
(Parents – Francisca Uribali, single)
(gp/ Pedro Chacon & Victoria Naranjo)

Abq Bap v. 1 Page 155 - 1809 – Juan Candelaria Ruibal, Ojo Caliente
(Parents – Jose Francisco n.s. & Maria Antonia Ruibal)
(gp/ Santiago Gallego and his mother, Maria Gregoria Garcia)

Abq Bap v. 1 Page 157- 1809 – Maria Francisca Ruybal, Canones
(Parents – Juan Domingo Ruybal & Manuela Salazar)
(gp/ Jose Maria Esquivel & Maria Theresa Esquivel)

Abq Bap v. 1 Page 163 – 1809 - Estevan Ruibal, Ojo Caliente
(Parents - Juan Ruibali & Maria Antonia Garcia)
(gp/ Jose Antonio Archuleta & Maria Jusepa Lucero)

Abq Bap v. 1 Page 173 – 1810 - Maria Francisca Ruibal, Barranco
(Parents – Juan Domingo Ruibal & Manuela Salazar)
(gp/ Juan Beyta & Maria Gertrudes Beyta)

Abq Bap v. 1 Page 174 – 1810 - Maria Guadalupe Ruibal, Ojo Caliente
(Parents – Juan Antonio Ruibali & Gertrudes Gallego)
(gp/ Santiago Sisneros & Theresa Galbes)

Ulibarri's Found in
“New Mexico Baptisms : Santo Tomas de Abiquiu, Volume II
1794-1853; 1821-1824; 1794; 1817-1853; 1837-1850”
Extracted by: Virginia Langham Olmstead and Evelyn Lujan Baca
Published by: NMGS Press

Abq Bap v. 2 Page 62 – 1828 - Maria Francisca Ruival
parents – Antonio Ruival & Ana Maria Chaves
paternal gp – Ygnacio Ruival & Manuela Lucero
maternal gp – Juan Chaves & Barbara Gallego, ves del Rancho de Jacona
gp – Camilo Archuleta & Maria Biviana Gallego, ves del Ojo Caliente

Abq Bap v. 2 Page 65 – 1830 - Maria Luisa Ruival
parents – Tomas Ruival & Josefa Espinosa, ves de la Plaza de San Rafael
paternal gp – none stated
maternal gp – Juan Miguel Espinosa & Maria
gp -Josef Ramon Apodaca & Maria Manuela Martin, ves de la Puente

Abq Bap v. 2 Page 84 – 1839 - Maria Aquilina Ruibali, La Cueva
parents – Juan Ruibali & Rosalia Gurule
paternal gp – Juan Ribali & Antonia Maes
maternal gp – Juan Antonio Gurule & Maria Torvia Martin
gp -Jose Maria Belasques & Maria Estefana Martin

Abq Bap v. 2 Page 87 – 1839 - Jose Antonio Ruybal
parents – Jesus Maria Ruybal & Maria de los Angeles Valdes
paternal gp – Pablo Ruibal & Dolores Lopes
maternal gp – Jose Manuel Valdes & Dolores Gonzales
gp -Juan de Jesus Trugillo & Josefa Montano

All of February records are missing

Abq Bap v. 2 Page 117 – 1841 - Juana Nepomusena Ruibal, El Rito
parents – Juan Ruibal & Maria Trinidad Trugillo
paternal gp – Tomas Ruibal & Maria Josefa Espinosa
maternal gp – Francisco Trugillo & Maria Ygnacia Romero
gp – Juan Ygnacio Sisneros & Anna Maria Xaramillo

Abq Bap v. 2 Page 139 – 1842 - Antonio German Ulibarid, Ojo Caliente
parents – Juan Ulibarid & Maria Rosalia Gurule
paternal gp – Juan Ulibarid & Maria Antonia Maes
maternal gp – Juan Gurule & Maria Tgnacia Tores
gp -Francisco Estevan Chaves & Maria de la Luz Baldes

Abq Bap v. 2 Page 151 – 1849 - Brijido Jesus Ruibal, Ojo Caliente
parents – Jose Giorje Ruibal & maria Juana Gertrudes Alire
paternal gp - not given
maternal gp – Miguel Aontio Alire & Maria Dolores Gallegos
gp – Jose Balentin Archuleta & Maria Ysabel Martines

Abq Bap v. 2 Page 151 – 1849 - Jose Atanacio Ruibali, Pueblo
parents – Jose Miguel Ruibali & Gregoria Valdes
paternal gp – Candelario Ruibali & Manuela Martin
maternal gp – Antonio Jose Valdes & Soledad Martines
gp -Juan Ysidro Valdes & Magdelena Gallegos

Ulibarri's Found in
“ New Mexico Baptisms: Santo Tomas de Abiquiu, Volume III 1861-1869”
Extracted by: Virginia Langham Olmstead and Evelyn Lujan Baca
Published by: NMGS Press

Abq Bap v III Page 5 - 1862 - Maria Asencion Ruivali, Villa de la Capilla
parents – Justo Ruivali & Petra Trujillo
gp – Pedro Ruivali & Encarnacion Martin, villa de la capilla

Abq Bap v III Page 8 - 1863 - Jose Julian Ribalid
parents – Ponseno Ribalid & Justa martines
gp – Miguel Antonio Madrid & Gertrudes madrid

Abq Bap v III Page 10 - 1863 - Jose Benito Abad Ruibalid, Vecino del Rito
parents – Jose Miguel Ruibalid & Decideria Martines
gp – Miguel Belasques & Agapita Martines

Abq Bap v III Page 13 – 1863 – Juan Bautita Ribal
parents – Jose Ygnacio Ribal & Pelegrina Valdes
gp – Francisco Montano & Olgauris Baldes, Tierra Marilla (with a line through it)

Abq Bap v III Page 13 - 1863 - Miliano Ribalid, Tierra Maria
parents – Jesus Ribalid & Manuela Montano
gp – Fernando Montano & Maria de Jesus Delgado

Abq Bap v III Page 27 - 1865 - Maria Manuela /Miquela (Maria Miquela/Manuela) Ruivaly, Puente
parents – Antonio Ruivaly & Antonia Rosa Valerio
gp – Ramon Martin & Maria Manuela Jaramillo

Abq Bap v III Page 27 – 1865 – Demetrio Ribera, Rito
parents – Juan Antonio Ribera & Rosalia Lucero
gp – Jose Damian Giron & Maria Ygnacia martines

Abq Bap v III Page 32 – 1865 – Maria Luisa Ribero, Ojo Caliente
parents – Antonio Ribero & Maria Rufina Garcia
gp – Jose Garcia & Maria de la Lus Ribero

Abq Bap v III Page 39 - 1866 - Jose Jeronimo Ruivaly, Capilla
parents – Jose de Jesus Ruivaly & Maria Josefa Quintana
gp – Macedonio Ruivaly & Maria Josefa Ruivaly

Abq Bap v III Page 42 - 1866 - Carlos Ruivaly, Tierra Amarilla
parents – Pedro Ruivaly & Incarnacion Martin
gp – Francisco Luna & Refugio Valdes

Abq Bap v III Page 45 - 1867 - Jose Quirino, Abiquiu
parents – Pablo Ruivas & Perfecta martines
gp – Mel Garcia & Gregoria Velardes

Abq Bap v III Page 47 – 1867 (1yr old, adopted) - Maria Ruibaly,
parents – Juan de Dios Ruivaly & Maria Gregoria Lujan
gp – Jose Miguel Jaramillo & Maria Juana Madril

Abq Bap v III Page 49 - 1867 - Cornelio Jesus Ruivali ( aka Cornelio de Jesus Jaramillo in margin), Puente
parents – Antonio Ruivali & Viteria Jaramillo
gp – Andres Cordova & Geromina Montoya

Abq Bap v III Page 50 - 1868 - Juan Prudencio Ruival, Serbilleta
parents – Germin Ruival & Maria Jesus Valdes
gp – Jose Miguel Gallegos & Maria Antonia Trujillo

Abq Bap v III Page 51 - 1868 - Juana Maria Ruivaly, Puente
parents – Juan Ysidro Ruivaly & Gertrudes Trujillo de la Puente
gp – Maria Dolores Salazar & Juan Baptisa Zamora

Abq Bap v III Page 53 - 1868 - Ramon Jesus Ruivaly, Rito
parents – Jose de Jesus Ruivaly & Maria Josefa Quintana
gp – Jose Enriquez Lopes & Maria Florentina Archuleta

Abq Bap v III Page 54 - 1868 - Jose Epifanio Rivali,
parents – Juan Antonio Rivali & Maria Guadalupe Montano
gp – Juan Pablo Valdez & Maria Encarnacion de Luna de Tierra Amarilla

Abq Bap v III Page 59 - 1869 – Onesimo Ribaz
parents – Pablo Ribaz & Maria Perfecta Martin
gp – Donatiano Archuleta & Maria Alvina Cisneros de Abiquiu

Abq Bap v III Page 63 - 1869 - Maria Dolores Rivaly,
parents – Juan de Jesus Rivaly & Maria Ramona Valdez
gp – Jose Prudencio Valdez & Maria Liberata Valdez de la Tierra Amarilla
(Note: she married Pedro Jose Gomez on 31 Aug 1908 in San Jose Park View)

Abq Bap v III Page 67 - 1869 - Juan Miguel Rivali, Abiquiu
parents – Macedonio Rivali & Maria Dolores Garamillo
gp – Juan Isidro Rivali & Juana Gertrudes Trujilla de Abiquiu

Ulibarri's Found in
“New Mexico Marriages: Church of Santo Thomas de Abiquiu, 1756 – 1826”
Extracted by: M. Elloise Arellanes
Published by: NMGS Press

Abiq M Page 5 11 Aug 1768
Felipe Riobal, Indian, wid/Theresa (n.s.) & Antonia (n.s.), Apache Indian
wit/all the pueblo

Abiq M Page 7 27 Mar 1775
Phelipe Riobal, Indian & Ysabel Mestas, Indian
gp/Juan Domingo Torres & Encarnacion Martin

Abiq M Page 8 16 Apr 1776
Antonio Ruyz & Maria de la Concepcion Archuleta
gp/Jose Hortega & Theresa Salazar

Abiq M Page 10 24 Feb 1778
Jose Martin (Jose Antoio in Margin) & Juana Ruibal
gp/Andres Beitia & his wife Gregoria Martin

Abiq M Page 14 29 Jun 1781
Jose Antonio Sierra wid/ Rosa Urribaly, from Ysleta, s/ known & Maria Alfonsa Luxan wid/ Bartolome

Abiq M Page 19 17 Aug 1784
Salvador Mathias Lente, wid/ Maria Josefa (n.s.), Indian of Ysleta, & Juana Dominga Riobal, wid/ Jose Antonio Martin
wit/ Cayetano Villapando and Mauel Lujan

Abiq M Page 23 23 Aug 1788
Juan Jose Zaramillo & Maria Josefa Garcia, wid/ Jose Ruyz
wit/ Sevastian Ortega and Francisco Zisneros

Abiq Mar Page 44 12 Dec 1810
Juan de la Cruz Ruibali, wid/ Lupe Martin & Maria Francisca Martin
d/ Joaquin Martin & Encarnacion Cerda
wit/ Justo Martin, Manuel Cerda, Feliciano Santistevan & Christoval Samora
gp/ Gabriel Jaramillo & his wife n.n

Abiq Mar Page 45 25 Apr 1811
Jose Antonio de los Reyes Ruibal & Ana Maria Chavez
s/ Jose Ygnacio Ruibal & Maria Manuela Lucero, of San Ildefonso
d/ Juan Christoval Chavez & Barbara Gallego
wit/ Jose Ramon Mestas, Juan Nepomuceno Beyta
gp/ Jose Ygnacio Ruiz & his wife n.n.

Abiq Mar Page 50 8 Sep 1813
Juan Francisco Samora & Maria Concepcion Ruibali
s/ Juan Francisco Samora & Maria Dolores Rael, both dec.
d/ Juan Antonio Ruibali & Juliana Mestas, dec. of Ojo Caliente
wit/ Jose Miguel Jaramillo, Hermenegildo Jiron, Gabrirel Espinosa, Jose Julian sanches
gp/Francisco Rodriguez & his wife n.n.

Abiq Mar Page 52 7 May 1814
Jose Antonio Madril & Maria Francisca Martin wid/ Juan Cruz Ruybali
s/ Salvador Madril & Maria de Jesus Blea
wit/ Jose Ygnacio Beyta, Miguel Truxillo, Joaquin Naranjo & Don Marcos Delgado
gp/ Jose Ygnacio Chacon & Pascuala Martin

Abiq Mar Page 55 28 Jun 1815
Juan Antonio Sarte, wid/ Nicolasa Truxillo & Juana Micaela Ruybal (Maria Micaela in margin)
d/ Jose Miguel Ruybal & Maria Ysidora Mestas of Ojo Caliente
wit/ Francisco Alejo Martin, Juan Reano, Salvador Lujan, & Juan Gutierrez
gp/ Jose Manuel Madril & his wife n.n.

Abiq Mar Page 55 2 Jul 1815
Ysidro (Jose Ysidro in margin) Martin & Juana Rosalia Ruybal
s/ Jose Martin, dec. & Maria Luz Naranjo
d/ Jose Miguel Ruybal & Maria Ysidora Mestas of Ojo Caliente
wit/ Miguel Cena, Pablo Aguilar, Juan Antonio Sandoval, & Juan Antonio Atencio
gp/ Antonio Jose Chaves & Maria Mestas

Abiq Mar Page 62 17 Sep 1817
Jose de Jesus Pacheco, wid/ Maria Manuela Garcia & Anamaria Ruibali, wid/ Hermenegildo Martin of Ojo Caliente
wt/ Jose Francisco Cena, Jose de Jesus Chaves, Francisco Marques & Jose Miguel Lujan
gp/ Jose Antonio Aliri & Maria Sisneros

Abiq Mar Page 67 9 Jun 1819
Antonio Bernabel Velasquez, wid/ Maria Gregoria Martin & Maria Eulogia Ruybal
d/ Thomas Ruybal & Maria Jusepa Espinosa of Canones
wit/ Francisco Xaviel Maes, Jose Trujillo, Jose Santiago Vegil & Francisco Garcia
gp/ Domingo Gallego & Maria de Jesus Gonsales

Abiq Mar Page 69 22 Dec 1819
Jose Maria Truxillo & Marcelina Ruibali
s/ Ygnacio Truxillo & Jusepa Valdes, both dec.
d/ Juan Antonio Ruybali & Maria Gertrudes Gallego, residents
wit/ Jose Antonio Aguilar, Juan Bautista Espinosa, Jose Ramon Martin & Francisco Estevan Quintana
gp/ Jose Naranjo & Guadalupe Truxillo

Abiq Mar Page 71 24 Jan 1821
Juan de Jesus Fernandes, wid/ Maria Rosa Romero & Maria Francisca Chaves, wid/ Luciano Ruybali
wit/ jose Martin, Diego Salas, Jose Gonsales & Ramon Ortiz
gp/ Juan de Jesus Vegil & Martina Martin

Abiq Mar Page 76 14 Jun 1823
Miguel Ramires, wid/ Jusepa Martin of the Jurisd of San Juan & Maria Juliana Ruibali
d/ Juan Antonio Ruibali & Maria Gertrudes Gallego
wit/ Diego Naranjo, Augustin Quintana, Xaviel Sanches & Jose Miguel Lujan

Abiq Mar Page 78 13 Jan 1824
Tomas Chacon & Maria Candelaria Ulivarri
gp/ not given

Ulibarri's Found in
“New Mexico Baptisms: Church in San Juan de los Caballeros, 1726-1798”
Extracted and Compiled by Members of the NMGS
Published by: NMGS

SJDLC Bap p. 11 - 1732 - Margarita Riobal, Rio Arriba
d/ Don Ygnacio de Riobal & Dona Angela Martin
gp/ Don Bernardo de Sena & Dona Manuela de Riobal

SJDLC Bap p. 13 - 1733 - Antonia (n.s), Rio Arriba
d/ unknown
gp/ Joseph Urribari & Manuela Martin

SJDLC Bap p. 14 - 1734 - Manuela Ribal, Rio Arriba
d/ Ignacio Ribal & Angela martin
gp/ Joseph Luxan & Rossa Martin

SJDLC Bap p. 14 - 1733 - Maria Margarita Ribal, Rio Arriba
d/ Bernardo Ribal & Margarita Martin
gp/ Antonio Martin & Maria Luxan

SJDLC Bap p. 15 - 1734 – Casilda Pacheco, Rio Arriba
d/ Juan Pacheco & Ynes Martinez
gp/ Ignacio Ribal & Angela Martin

SJDLC Bap p. 18 - 1735 - Isidro Pacheco, Rio Arriba
s/ Phelipe Pacheco & Rossa Martin
gp/ Joseph Martin & Helena Ribal

SJDLC Bap p. 18 – 1735 - Antonio (n.s.), Rio Arriba
s/ Indians
gp/ Bernardo Ribal & his wife n.n.

SJDLC Bap p. 19 - 1736 – Pedro (n.s.), Vecino
s/ unknown
gp/ Bernardo Ribal & his sister Helena Ribal

SJDLC Bap p. 19 – 1736 – Maria del Rosario Garcia de la Mora, Rio Arriba
d/ Juan Garcia de la Mora & Josepha Martin
gp/ Juan Joseph Moreno & Dona Juana Ribal 19

SJDLC Bap p. 19 - 1735 - Antonio Ribal, Rio Arriba
s/ Ignacio Ribal & Angela Martin
gp/ Antonio Veyta & Rosalia Luxan

SJDLC Bap p. 20 - 1736 - Josepha (n.s.), Rio Arriba
d/ unknown, servant of Bernardo Ribal
gp/ (n.n.)

SJDLC Bap p. 22 – 1737 - Julian (n.s.), Rio Arriba
s/ unknown
gp/ Antonio Ysibarri & Manuela Ariatiga

SJDLC Bap p. 23 - 1738 - Juan Ynocencio Riobal, Rio Arriba
s/ Don Bernardo de Roibal & Dona Margarita martin
gp/ Don Ygnacio de Riobal & Dona Francisca Gomes Robledo

SJDLC Bap p. 24 - 1738 - Maria Ribal, Rio Arriba
d/ Ignacio Ribal & Angela Martin
gp/ Marical Martin & Josefa Martin

SJDLC Bap p. 24 – 1738 – Manuela Antonia Martin, Rio Arriba
d/ Don Manuel Martin & Dona Elena Roibal
gp/ Antonio Martin & Barbara Pacheco

SJDLC Bap p. 26 - 1739 - Rosa Maria Ribal, Rio Arriba
d/ Bernardo Ribal & Margarita Martin
gp/ Matias Martin & his wife n.n.

SJDLC Bap p. 28 - 1740 - Juan de la Cruz Ribal, Rio Arriba
s/ Ignacio Ribal & Lorenza Martin
gp/ Matheo Ribal & his wife n.n.

SJDLC Bap p. 30 - 1741 - Maria Francisca Ribal
d/ Ignacio Ribal & Rosa Martin
gp/ Sebastian Martin & his Granddaughter, n.n.

SJDLC Bap p. 34 – 1745 – Barbara Martin
d/ Pedro Martin & Maria Tapia
gp/ Bernardo Ribal & his wife n.n.

SJDLC Bap p. 38 - 1748 - Antonio Joseph Riobal, Spanish
s/ Don Bernardo Riobal & Maria Barbara Pacheco
gp/ Captian Sevastian Martin & Maria Luxan

SJDLC Bap p. 78 – 1762 - Joseph Manuel Sanches
s/ Miguel Sanches & Rosa Roibal
gp/ Santiago Ortiz & Maria de la Candelaria

SJDLC Bap p. 80 - 1762 - Maria Concepsion Lobato
d/ Salvador Patrizio (n.s.) & Francisca Lobato
gp/ Miguel Sanches & Rosa Riobal

SJDLC Bap p. 85 - 1764 - Antonio Sanches
s/ Miguel Sanches & Rosa Ruibal
gp/ Nicolas Lucero & Ana Martin

SJDLC Bap p. 91 - 1766 - Joseph Antonio Sanches, Rio Arriba
s/ Miguel Sanches & Rosa Ruibal
gp/ Antonio Martin & Manuela Baldes

SJDLC Bap p. 91 – 1766 - Maria Monica Cordoba, Rio Arriba
d/ Thadeo Cordoba & Guadalupe de Ulibarri
gp/ Juan Antonio Martin & Maria Romero

SJDLC Bap p. 92 - 1766 - Juan Christobal (n.s.)
s/ Juan Christobal (n.s.)
gp/ Miguel Sanches & Rosa Ruibal

SJDLC Bap p. 95 - 1767 - Francisco (n.s.), Jolla
s/ unknown
gf/ Juan Ruibal

SJDLC Bap p. 96 –1767 - Maria Manuela Romero, Canoa
d/ Miguel Romero & Maria Ruibal, Spanish
gp/ Vicente Romero & Francisca Pacheco

SJDLC Bap p. 96 – 1767 – Maria Rosa Sanches, Rio Arriba
d/ Miguel Sanches & Rosa Ruibal, Spanish
gp/ Juan Ygnacio Mestas & Maria Sanches

SJDLC Bap p. 97 - 1768 - Maria Francisca Alari, Camino do Ojo Caliente
d/ Joseph Ygnacio Alari & Maria Loreto Benabides, Spanish
gp/ Juan Antonio Alari & Antonia Dominga Ruibal

SJDLC Bap p. 100 - 1768 - Matheo Raphael Duran, Canoa
s/ Blas Duran & Melchora de la Torre, Spanish
gp/ Juan Ruibal & Angela Martin

SJDLC Bap p. 109 - 1771 - Miguel Antonio Truxillo, Spanish
s/ Joseph Truxillo & Manuela Vasques
gp/ Miguel Romero & Maria Riobal

SJDLC Bap p. 119 - 1774 - Juan Miguel (n.s.)
s/ unknown
gp/ Bartolo Romero & Maria Ruibal

SJDLC Bap p. 119 – 1774 - Joseph Juachin Martin, Spanish of Rio Arriba
s/ Joseph Martin & Manuela Ulibarri
gp/ Antonio Truxillo & Rita Martin

SJDLC Bap p. 153 – 1781 - Serafin Rafael Riobal, Bosque
s/ Juan Roibal & Maria Leyba
gp/ Simon Quintana & Juana Angela Naranjo

SJDLC Bap p. 165 – 1783 - Juana Maria Roybal, Bosque
d/ Maria Roybal
gp/ Felipe de Jesus Rael & Maria Manuela Romero

SJDLC Bap p. 166 - 1783 - Maria de la Concepcion Reyes, Bosque
d/ Juan Manuel de los Reyes & Maria Nicolasa Romero
gp/ Bernabe Villa & Vicenta Gertrudis Pacheco

SJDLC Bap p. 169 - 1784 - Juan de Jesus Ruibal, Rio Arriba
s/ Miguel Ruibal & Josepha Sanchez
gp/ Juan Antonio Ortiz & Maria Antonia Garcia, of Luceros

SJDLC Bap p. 182 - 1786 - Juan Jose Roibal, Angeles
s/ Santiago Riobal & Ysabel Dominguez
gp/ Juan Lucero & Micaela Lucero

SJDLC Bap p. 270 - 1798 - Maria Romualda Ulibarri, Ojo Caliente
d/ Juan Antonio Ulibarri & Juliana Maese
gp/ Juan Antonio Ortiz & Tomasa Anaya of Rio Arriba

SJDLC Bap p. 125 - 1775 - Anna Theresa (n.s.), Canoa
d/ unknown
gp/ Miguel Sanchez & Rosa Roybal
(Margin note: D/ Rosa Roybal & Ventura Esquibel)

SJDLC Bap p. 129 - 1776 - Jose Ygnacio Sanchez, Canoa
s/ Pedro Sanchez & Martia Mestas
gp/ Miguel Sanchez & Rosa Ruibal

SJDLC Bap p. 132 – 1777 – Pedro Antonio (n.s.)
s/ unknown
gp/ Manuel Reyes & Maria Rita (n.s.), mother of the padrino

SJDLC Bap p. 135 – 1778 - Jose Rafael Camue, Pueblo
s/ Christoval Camue & Dominga Ruival, Indians
gp? Joaquin Trujillo & Maria Salazar, Spanish of Chamita, married

SJDLC Bap p. 135 - 1778 - Maria Antonia Abeita, Bosque Grande
d/ Juan Abeita & Andrea Lucero, Indians
gp/ Jose Ruival & Maria Manuela Lucero, Spanmish, Married

SJDLC Bap p. 142 – 1779 - Joseph Francisco Raphael Rodartte, Embudo
s/ Juan Joseph Rodarte & Maria Antonia Martin
gp/ Juan Manuel de los Reyes & Maria Rodarte

SJDLC Bap p. 146 - 1780 - Maria Antonia Raphaela Lobato
d/ Salvador Lobato & Margarita Tafolla
gp/ Miguel Sanches & Rosa Riobal

SJDLC Bap p. 151 - 1781 - Florentina de la Encarnacion Martin, Bosque
d/ Joseph Martin & Ana Maria Duran
gp/ Miguel Sanchez & Rosa Roybal

SJDLC Bap p. 152 - 1781 - Juan Rafael Martin, Bosque
s/ Margarita Martin, Indian
gp/ Juan de los Reyes & Melchora de la Torre

SJDLC Bap p. 154 - 1782 - Juan de los Reyes Martin, Bosque
s/ Gregorio Martin & Maria Tenorio
gp/ Joseph Sanchez & Rosa Roibal

SJDLC Bap p. 161 - 1782 - Maria Rita Beyta, Bosque
d/ Joseph Antonio Beyta & Maria Josepha Sanchez
gp/ Miguel Sanchez & Rosa Riobal

SJDLC Bap p. 171 - 1784 - Ana Maria Rael, Bosque
d/ Felipe Rael & Maria Manuela Roibal
gp/ Manuel Antonio Segura & Maria de la Cruz Rael

SJDLC Bap p. 179 - 1785 - Miguel Santiago Valdes, San Francisco
s/ Salvador Valdes, deceased & Maria Martin
gp/ Miguel Sanchez & Rosa Roibal

SJDLC Bap p. 191 - 1787 - Juan Ortiz, Angeles
s/ Juan Antonio Ortiz & Maria Antonia Martin
gp/ Santiago Roibal & Ysabel Dominguez, his wife

SJDLC Bap p. 196 - 1788 - Ana Maria Lucero, vecina
d/ Juan Bernardo Lucero & Maria Tomasa Martin
gp/ Miguel Sanchez & Rosa Roibal

SJDLC Bap p. 201 – 1788 - Maria Andrea Lucero, vecina
d/ Nicolas Lucero & Maria de la Encarnacion Vegil
gp/ Joseph Ygnacio Roibal & Maria Manuela Lucero

SJDLC Bap p. 203 - 1789 - Joseph Miguel Velarde, vecino
s/ Diego Antonio Velarde & Maria Ignacia Lucero
gp/ Joseph Ygnacio Roibal & Maria Josepha Salazar

SJDLC Bap p. 210 - 1789 - Maria Sanchez, vecina
d/ Mariano Sanchez & Maria del Rosario Martin
gp/ Diego Antonio Sanchez & Rosa Roibal

SJDLC Bap p. 210 - 1789 - Manuel Lucero, vecino
s/ Antonio Josef Lucero & Maria Nazarena Luna
gp/ Santiago Roibal & Maria Ysabel Dominguez

SJDLC Bap p. 220 – 1791 - Laureano Arrellano, vecino of Angeles
s/ Lorenzo Arellano & Maria Guadalupe Galvez
gp/ Santiago Riobal & Ysabel Dominguez

SJDLC Bap p. 233 – 1793 - Antonio Josef de los Dolores Lucero, Vecino of Bosque
s/ Josef Miguel Lucero & Maria Rosa Sanchez
gp/ Miguel Sanchez & his wife, Rosa Ruybal

SJDLC Bap p. 236 - 1793 - Maria Ysabel de los Dolores Bejil, vecina of Canoa
d/ Miguel Bejil & Encarnacion Esquibel
gp/ Josef Cordoba & his daughter in law, Maria de la Luz Hurribali
SJDLC Bap p. 239 - 1794 - Blas Candelaria de los Dolores Suazo, vecino of Embudo
s/ Juan Josef Suazo & Nicolasa Lovato
gp/ Manuel Francisco Cordova & his wife, Maria Luisa Ruibaly

SJDLC Bap p. 240 - 1794 - Juan de los Dolores Garcia, vecino of Embudo
s/ Juan Josef Garcia & Maria Antonia padilla
gp/ Manuel Francisco Cordova & Maria Gertrudes Ruibali

SJDLC Bap p. 243 – 1794 - Juan Ysidro Cordova, vecino
s/ Manuel Francisco Cordova & Maria Luiza Urivali
gp/ Jose Antonio Sanchez & Maria Josefa Martin

SJDLC Bap p. 247 - 1795 - Maria Antonia Pando, vecina of Embudo
d/ Rafael Pando & Manuela Dominguez
gp/ Santiago Ruibal & Ysabel Dominguez

SJDLC Bap p. 270 - 1798 - Maria del Carmen Rael, Canoa
d/ Phelipe Rael & Maria Manuela Ruibal
gp/ Juan Jose Romero & Antonia Baldes

SJDLC Bap p. 274 - 1798 - Juana Ventura Archuleta, Luceros
d/ Jose Archuleta & Maria Antonia Padilla
gp/ Santiago Ruibal & Ysabel Dominguez

Ulibarri's Found in
New Mexico Marriages: Church in San Juan Pueblo 1726-1776, 1831-1855
and Church in Santa Clara Pueblo 1726-1832”
Extracted by: M. Eloise Arellanes
Published by: NMGS

San Juan Mar p. 2 - 1731 - Bernardo Ribal & Margartia Martin, wid

San Juan Mar p. 2 - 1731 - Ignacio Ribal & Angela Martin , of Rio Arriba
s/ captian Ynacio Ribal of Hacona
wit/ Bernardino se Sena & his wife, Phelipe Pacheco

San Juan Mar p. 6 - 1744 – Don Bernardo de Roibal & Dona Barbara Pacheco, at la villa of Santa Cruz by Br Dn Santiago de Roibal, vicar
wit/ Don Matheo de Roibal. Dispensed.

San Juan Mar p. 9 - 1757 – Miguel Antonio Romero & Dona Maria Roibal
wit/ Juchin de Luna & Angela Salazar

San Juan Mar p. 15 - 1769 – Joseph Martin, Spanish of Rio Arriba & Manuela Ulibarri, collota of Rio Arriba
wit/ Juan Domingo Sandobal & Juana Maria Sandobal

San Juan Mar p. 16 - 1771 – Ygnacio Avedon Truxillo, half Spanish of Chamita & Maria Luisa Ulibarri, Spanish of Rio Arriba
wit of presentation: Juan Antonio Baca of Las Trampas & Juan Domingo Valverde of Chamita
wit to the ceremony: Vicente Garzia & Juana Truxillo, both of Rio Arriba

San Juan Mar p. 19 - 1831 – Baltasar Noriega, wid/ Maria de la Luz Trugillo & Maria Dolores Roybal, wid/ Jose Antonio Cruz, both of this parish
gp/ Juan Manuel Fernandez & Maria Encarnacioon Lujan, also of this parish

San Juan Mar p. 20 - 1831 - Jose Ramon Roybal & Maria Romualda Rodriguez
s/ Ygnacio Roybal & Maria Manuela Lucero of Jacona
d/ Ylario Rodriguez & Maria Rafaela Tafolla of Los Ranchitos
wit/ Manuel Baldes & Maria Felipa Vargas

San Juan Mar p. 21 - 1831 – Chamita – Juan Antonio Mascarenas & Maria Josepha Roybal
s/ Clemente Mascarenas & Teresa de Jesus Mestas of Chamita
d/ Pablo Roybal, dec. & maria Dolores Lopez of el Guique
wit/ Felipe Corduba & his wife, n.n., and the sacristan, n.n.. San Rafael

San Juan Mar p. 21 - 1831 – Jose Francisco Torres & Maria Manuela Roybal
s/Jose Bernardo Torres & Maria Gertrudis Jaques of Ojo Caliente
d/ Pablo Roybal, dec & Maria Dolores Lopez, residents of el Guique
gp/ Mariano Sanchez and his step-daughter n.n., who aslo served as wit., with sacristan, Juan Pedro Garcia

San Juan Mar p. 33 - 1855 – Jose Maria Lino de Jesus Rodrigues, wid/ Maria Rufina Martinez & Maria Romana Roival
s/ Juan Cristoval Rodrigues & Maria
d/ Ygnacio Roival & Maria de Jesus Lujan of San Rafael
wit/ Jose Pablo martinez & Venacio Martinez

San Juan Mar p. 34 & 35 - 1843 - Jose Domingo Roival, of San Juan living in the Plasa de San Francisco & Bibiana Martin of San Juan, living in La Estaca
s/ Pablo Roival, dec & Dolores Lopez
d/ Juan Manuel Martin & Maria Rita Naranjo
wit/ Juan Cruz CRU & Santiago Talache

San Juan Mar p. 38 - 1846 - Pedro Antonio Ruibal & Maria Locadia Garcia
s/ Pablo Ruibal & Dolores Lopes
d/ Acencion Garcia & Maria Josefa Tafoya of San Juan
wit/ Antonio de Jesus Lopes & Juan de Jesus Sisneros

San Juan Mar p. 41 - 1847 - Felipe Medina & Maria Soledad Ruibal
s/ Diego Medina & Dominga Martines
d/ Juana Ruibal & unknown father of la Villeta
wit/ Gregorio Archuleta & Ysidro Valencia

San Juan Mar p. 47 - 1849 – Santos Rodrigues & Eulogia Ruibal
s/ Ramon Rodrigues & Maria Crus Sena
d/ Jose Ruibal & Maria Paula Martines of Embudo
wit/ Juan Suaso & Juan Jose Romero

San Juan Mar p. 48 - 1849 - Fernando Ruibal & Juana Maria Romero
s/ Jose Ruibal & Paubla Martines
d/ Ramon Romero & Maria Micaela Lopes of Embudo
wit/ Ramon Archuleta & Carpio Maestas

Santa Clara Mar p. 68 - 1772 - Manuel Jesus Hulibarri & Maria de la Luz (n.s.), both single & Spanish de color quebrado
wit/ Salbador Torres, Phelipe Balerio & Manuel Ortega
Santa Clara Mar p. 72 - 1781 - Mariano Roybal & Maria Loreta (n.s.)
gp/ Gregorio Garcia & Maria Begila
wit/ Dyego Caxete, Dyego Pintor & Salvador Caxete of the Pueblo, Chama.

Santa Clara Mar p. 82 - 1793 - Jose Miguel Roibal, of Rio Arriva & Maria Ysidora Mestas
s/ Felipe Santiago Roibal & Juana Maria Ortiz, both deceased
d/ Manuel Mestas & Micaela Mestas of this jurisd.
Wit/ Juan Pedro Prado & Juan Santos Luzero, residents

Santa Clara Mar p. 90 - 1803 - Marcos Ruibal, wid/ Ygnacia Truxillo & Maria Encarnacion Sierra
d/ Francisco Sierra & Juana Pacheco, both deceased
wit/ Bentura Martin, Pedro Cerda, Manuel Ortega & Juan Domingo Martin; all of this parish
gp/ Juan Antonio Chua& Jusepa n.s., Indians from the Pueblo

Santa Clara Mar p. 94 - 1807 – Bartolome Garcia, wid/ Marta Roibal & Juana Lucero
d/ unknown
wit/ Gabriel Quintana & Christobal Martin

Ulibarri's Found in
New Mexico Baptisms: Santa Clara Pueblo
Extracted & Transcribed by NMGS Members
Published by: NMGS

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 37 - 1751 - Lucia de la Luz Mestas
d/ Joachin Mestas and Theresa Tafolla, espanoles de Chama
gp/ Matheo Roybal & Barbara Pacheco

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 38 - 1752 - Feliciana Martin
d/ Juan Diego Martin & Maria Martin, collotes de Chama
gp/ Antonio Ulibarri & Rita n.s.

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 46 - 1756 - Ana Gregoria Viguil
d/ Francisco Viguil & Maria Mestas, de Chama
gp/ Joseph Pacheco & Manuela Roybal, (margin note: de limosna (charity))

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 49 – 1757 - Petra Salasar
s/ Don Miguel Salasar & Dona Manuela Luna, de Chama
gp/ Don Matheo Roibal & Dona Gregoria Baca

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 50 – 1758 - Maria Agueda de Jesus Sisneros
d/ Pedro Sisneros & Antonia Martin, de Chama
gp/ Miguel Sanchez & Rosa Roibal

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 50 - 1758 - Maria Rosa Roibal
d/ Antonio Roibal & Paula (n.s.)
gp/ Antonio Lopez & Juana Maria n.s.

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 99 - 1779 - Juan de Jesus Roibal
s/ Jose Mariano Roibal & Manuela Rosalia de la Luz (n.s.), vecinos from Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de Pojoaque
gp/ Juan Josse Duran y Chaves & Maria de la Luz Madrid

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 107 - 1781 - Maria Dolores Reis, Pueblo
d/ Matias Reis & Catalina n.s.
gp/ Juan Quata & Francisca n.s.

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 111 - 1783 - Maria Manuela Ruibal
d/ Mariano Ruibal & Maria Loreto n.s., vecinos from Cuchilla
gp/ Jose Garcia & Veatris Sandoval, vecinos de Chama

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 124 - 1787 - Juan Manuel Roybal
s/ Mariano Roybal & Loreta Velasquez
gp/ Juan Manuel Ortega & his daughter, Maria Josefa Ortega

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 124 – 1787 - Maria Paula Tafoya, Pueblo
d/ Antonio Tafoya & Petra Naranjo
gp/ Mathias Rey, from Pujuaque Pueblo & Maria Dolores n.s., from Santa Clara Pueblo

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 132 - 1789 - Juan de Dios Roibal
s/ Jose Mariano Roibal & Maria Loreto Balverde, vecinos de San Ildefonso
gp/ Cristobal Lobatto & Juana Mestas, his wife

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 146 – 1792 – Micaela Fernandes
d/ Manuel Fernandes & Juana Cathalina Basques, vecinos de Chama
gp/ Jose Miguel Roibal, vecinos de Rio Arriba

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 152 - 1793 - Juan Miguel Roival
s/ Miguel Roival & Maria Ysidora Mestas, vecinos
gp/ Manuel Antonio Bachicha & Maria Teresa Filomena n.s.

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 159 - 1795 - Juana Rosalia Ruibal
d/ Jose Miguel Ruibal & Maria Ysidora Mestas, his wife, vecinos de Cuchilla
gp/ Jose Antonio Tafaoya & Thomasa Rael, his wife

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 160 - 1795 - Maria Antonia Ruibal
d/ Mariano Ruibal & Loretta Belasques, his wife, vecinos de San Ildefonso
gp/ Christobal Tafoya & Maria Antonia Martin, his wife

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 170 - 1798 - Jose Juan Ruibal
s/ Mariano Ruibal & Maria Loreto Belasques, his wife, vecinos de San Yldefonso
gp/ Jose Francisco Arrellano & Maria Rafaela Arellano, his sister

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 170 - 1798 - Juana Micaela Ruibal
d/ Jose Miguel Ruibal & Maria Ysidora Mestas, his wife, genisaros, vecinos de la Cuchilla
gp/ Manuel Antonio Sanchez & Elena Pacheco, residents of Rio Arriba

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 185 - 1801 – Maria Ysidora Garcia
d/ Christobal Garcia & Maria Mestas,vecinos de la Cuchilla
gp/ Jose Miguel Ruybal & Maria Mestas

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 192 - 1802 - Maria Manuela Narcisa Truxillo
d/ Jose Truxillo & Maria Cruz Duran, vecinos de Chama
gp/ Juan de Jesus Quintana & Maria Guadalupe Ruybal

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 197 - 1804 - Pedro Antonio Martin
s/ Romano Martin & Maria Jusepa Ortega, vecinos de la Mesilla
gp/ Jose Antonio Ortega & Maria Barbara Ruybal

Santa Clara Pueblo Bap p. 201 - 1804 - Juan de Jesus Ruibali
s/ Juan Ruibali & Maria (torn)
gp/ Toribio Medina & Maria Antonia Lucero

Ulibarri's Found in
 “Spanish & Mexican Censuses of NM 1750-1830”
Compiled by Virginia Langham Olmstead, C.G
Published by: NMGS

Spanish Colonial Census of New Mexico 1750 p. 1-97

Census of the Mission of N.S.P. San Francisco de la Villa de Santa Fe p. 1-12

4 – Don Josseph Moreno; Dona Joana Riobal (Roybal); Don Felipe Rojas; Antonia; Angela; 3 children

5 – Pascual Truxillo; Melchora Reis (Reyes); 2 children

7 – Sebastian Vargas; Maria; Manuela; Juana; Gertrudis; Juan de la Cruz; Josseph; Maria; Manuel; Gaspar Reis; Maria Rossa; 2 children

9 – Antonio Ulibarri; Antonia Aguilar; Juan de Analla; Feliciana Gertrudis; Anna Maria; Fernando; Maria Rossa; Ascnecio; Rossa; 3 children

10 – Melchor Reis; Clara Lugarda; Josseph de Arguello; Joachina Prudencio; 3 Children; Mathiana Rossa

Alamo p. 12-14

13 – Dona Maria Riobal; Pedro; Luis; Miguel; Theressa; Jossepha; Gertrudis; Antonia; Petrona; Leonicia; 5 children

13 – Josseph Bacilio Riobal; his wife

Spanish in the Vicinity of San Yldefonso p. 24

24 – Bernardo Riobal; wife, Barbara Pacheco; 4 children; 2 Indian Women; 2 Indian Girls

24 – Mathias Riobal; wife, Gregoria Baca; 6 children; 4 female Indians

Villa Nueva de Santa Cruz de la Canada p. 25-28

27 – Joana de los Reyes; 5 children; 3 servants

Albuquerque – La Villa de San Phelipe de Albuquerque

81 - Juan de Ulibarri, I, 60; wife Rosalia Armijo, s, 40; 3 children: Pedro Chrisostomo, 16; Juana, 15; Joachin, 8; 2 orphans: Andres, 7; Bernarda, 6; Juana Maria, I, 6

Belen – Genizaros

96 – Francisco Roybal; wife, Anna Maria Ulibarri

96 – Pasqual Ulibarri; wife, Margarita Zapata; daughter: Maria

96 – Juan Zalazar; wife, Ana Maria Ulibarri; children: Petrona, Maria Ramon, Raphael - infant

Santa Clara Settlers (ca 1785-1798) p. 98-101

98 – Bartholeme Garsia, s, 25, farmer; wife, Marta Roybal, s, 26; 3 sons: 5, 4, 2

98 – Juan Domingo de Herrera, s, 39, farmer; wife, Melchora de los Reyes Salazar, s 35; son: 8; 2 daughters: 6, 2

Military Census of Santa Fe (1790) p. 102-110

105 – Jose Antonio Gallegos, s, b NM, 42; wife, Antonia Ulibarri, 35; 2 sons: 7,1; 3 daughters: 14, 4, 3; female servant, s, 12; another: 14

105 – Antonio Gutierrez, s, b NM, 49; wife, Maria Ulibarri, 30; 2 sons: 15, 9; 3 daughters: 7, 4, 2; brother in law, s, 9; male servant, s, 20, single

108 – Felix Roybal, s, b NM, 28;
wife: Maria Miera, 20
son: 2
2 female servants: 1 blind, 12; the other, 11

109 – Tomas Riobal, s, b NM, 52, widower
4 sons: 24, 21, 19, 11
2 daughters: 16, 14

109 – Jose Pacheco, s b NM, 60;
wife: Manuela Riobal, 45;
4 daughters: 20, 15, 14, 13

Abiquiu Census (1790) p. 111-124

Plaza of San Rafael
111 – Jose Martin, s, 46:
wife, Manuela Ulibarri, 48:
2 sons: 12, 8
2 daughters: 20, 15

112 – Jose Uribali, s, 80
son: 2
daughter: 20

Plaza de San Jose del Baranca

120 – Juan Domingo Ruibal, c, 25, widower

Pueblo of San Tomas

p. 124 – Jose, el Apache, 40; wife Guadalupe Mestas, 50: son: 15

Albuquerque Confraternity de las Benditas Animas del Purgatorio (1802) p. 125-143

Villa de Albuquerque

p. 127 – Juana Ulivarri

Mission of Nuestra Senora de Belen

p. 135 – Bartolo Montano; wife, Maria Dolores Ulivarri

p. 136 – Joaquin Ulivarri; wife, Juana Duran

Plaza de los Jarales

p. 139 – Cristoval Ulivarri; wife, Juana Silva; brother in law,: Juan Maria Silva; son, Jose Teodoro Ulivarri

Las Huertas and Bernalillo (1803-1807) p. 144-147

San Juan (1816) p. 148-160

p. 154 - Manuel Montolla, 40; Juana Maria Rioval, 30; children: Manuel, 8; Juan de los Santos, 6; Miguel, 5; Juan Bentura, 1

p. 156 – Rosa Ruival, 70, widow; Hipolito Sanches, 18

p. 156 – Santiago Ruival, 50; wife, Ysabel Domingues, 40; children: Maria Gertrudis, 16; Matias, 7; Maria Altagracia, 3

p. 156 – Antonio Martin, 30; wife, Maria Dolores Ruival, 18; children: Bernardo, Rumalda, 1

San Juan (1816-1817) p. 151-170

p. 163 – Manuel Rioval, 38; wife, Ysabel Torres, 29; children: Juan de Jesus, 12; Maria Guadalupe 10

Ranchitos de Ojo Caliente

p. 164 – Josef Antonio Ortega, 38; wife, Barbara Ruival, 32; children: Maria Theodora, 14; Josef Ramon, 11; Maria Biviana, 9; Jose Ygnacio, 6; Maria Luisa, 3

p. 165 – Pedro Ygnacio Sanchez, 42; wife, Maria Josefa Ruival, 40; (in red ink: married 1792); children: Josef, 24; maria Encarnacion, 20; (in red ink: born 1705) ; Maria Francisca, 18; Pedro, 16; Norverto, 11; Perfecto, 6; Alvina, 2

San Pedro Chamita

p. 169 – Santiago Balencia, 60; wife Maria Bernal, 50; children: Jose Ramon, 26; Manuel Feliz, 23; Marcelina, 20; Domingo Berio, 12; Ysidro, 9; Benito, 7; Maria Dolores Ruival, 22

Santa Clara Spanish Settlers (1818) p. 178-190

Plaza de San Pedro

p. 189 – Jose Maria Martin; wife, Maria Teodora Riobal; children: Jose de la Crus, Maria Dolores, Maria Loreto, Jose Ramon, Maria de Alta Gracia

Santa Cruz de la Canada (1822) p. 191-221

p. 208 – Juan Bautista Vigil, 45; wife, Maria Dolores Roybal, 40

p. 209 – Rafael Roybal, 45; wife, Maria Cerafina Truxillo, 35; children: Juan antonio, 11; juan, 9; zebastiana, 7; juan de jesus, 5; pedro 4; juan antonio 2

p. 218 – Miguel Cordoba 30; wife Maria Antonia Roybal 26; son: Jose Miguel 2

p. 219 – Juan Ambrocio Olivarri 36; wife Maria Dolores martin 25; son: Manuel Lorenzo 7

p. 220 – Tomas Roybal, 40; wife, Ana Maria (name unknown) 27

Santa Cruz de la Canada (1823) p. 221-241

Plaza de los Dolores
p. 238 – Juan Baptista Vigil, 51; wife Maria Jusefa Ruibal 49

Military Census of Santa Fe (1826) p. 242-249

p. 247 – Feliz Roybal 66; Secilia 47; Loreta 11; Jose 10; Susana 8; Florentia 5; Petra 1

San Antonio de Sabinal (1827) p. 250-260

p. 251 – Justo Chabes, Josefa Ribali, Jose Antonio Chabes, Jose Chabes, Manuel Chabes, Maria de Jesus Chabes, Maria Elena Chabes, Maria Petra Chabes

p. 251 – Jose Antonio Ribali, Petra Giron, Maria Manuela Ribali, Maria Paubla Ribali
p. 251 – Antonio Candelaria, Guadalupe Ribali, Domingo Candelaria

p. 252 – Jose Rafael Espinosa, Luisa Ribali, Jesus Maria Espinosa

p. 252 – Rafael Peralta

p. 252 – Salbador Ribali, Rosa Fajardo, Cristin Ribali, Merced Ribali

p. 256 – Ana Maria Candelaria widow; Juaquin Ribali, Jose Ribali, Juan Ribali

p. 257 – Jose Gurule, Dorotea Ribali

p. 260 – Pablo Torres, Gertrudis Ribali, Cula Torres, Grabiela Torres, Dorotea Torres, Jesus Torres, Josefa Torres

Canones (1830) p. 261-266

p. 261 – Manuel Ruival 70; Josefa Lovato 60 (relationship torn); Ana Maria 16

p. 261 – Jose Ruival 20; wife Apolonia Jaramillo 13

p. 263 – Salvador Gallego 36; wife maria Dolores Ruival 30; children: Jose Ygnacio 15; Ramon 12; Barbara 7; Marcelina 4; Jose 2

p. 264 – Juan Antonio Gonsales 30; wife Paula Ruival 25; son: Jesus maria 6

p. 264 – Francisco Trujillo 50; wife luisa Ruival 47; children: Juan 14; Maria manuela 10; Jose maria 7; Pedro Jose 4

Jemez Jurisdiction (1830) p. 268-277

San Ysidro

p. 273 – pablo Blea 34; wife Teresa Ruibali 40; family: juana 6; Juan 4; servant: Clemente Sandoval 23

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