Jose Dario Abeyta & Maria Librada de los Dolores Gomez

Jose Dario Abeyta's Individual Profile Link

Maria Librada de los Dolores Gomez's Individual Profile Link

Jose Dario's Father:                                                        ***pending confirming documents
Jose Dario's Mother:             Maria Francisca Abeyta aka Mariana Francisca Beyta

Maria Librada's Father:        Antonio Nerio Gomez
Maria Librada's Mother:       Maria Estefana Miera

Jose Dario Abeyta and Maria Librada de los Dolores Gomez's Children:
Antonio Nerio Abeyta                    1880-
Jose Fabian Abeyta                      1883-1920
Jesus de Esquipula Abeyta          1885-1972
Juan Ygnacio Abeyta                    1888-
Daniel Abeyta                               1890-1974
Maria Rita Abeyta                         1893-1986
Maria Estefana Abeyta                 1896-
Jose Eulogio Abeyta                     1898-1940

These Grandchildren can also be found in their household:
Maria Estefana Abeyta  1908-
Maria Atocha Abeyta    1911-

*** Since my primary focus is posting records for my direct family lines, I won't be posting any of the documents I have for the children listed above until I have finished entering my lines.  If you have an ancestor listed above and would like me to post the records I have for them, please put your request in the comments below or email me at 

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