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Due to the preset blog format I'm using, my most recent post will always show on the home page.

 Above the blog post, you will see a number of blue tabs that link to various pages containing loads of research resources. I am hopeful that if you do not see your ancestor posted on my blog, the research information will be helpful to you in your own family history research.

In the right margin you will find three lists:  
1) Family Group Profiles - containing links to the individual profiles of the couple, the names of their parents and a list of their children
2) Individual Profiles - containing the vital information for each person, along with any corresponding records that I've obtained permission to post (from I have not sought permission to post documents from any other website so I am merely posting a list of records that can be found for each person. I've also provided you with the most common AKA's because some of the surnames have quite a few variations and some of the given names have misspellings and will not show up in search engines under the correct name.
3) First Families of New Mexico - any tidbits of information I find on the First Families of New Mexico, including vital information (from church and other records).

I have a great deal of research I'm working on getting posted and as I do it I'll be entering the information into a genealogical database, which will put the lineage information and sources citations into the appropriate format. This is a very time consuming process, but I encourage you to check back periodically, as it will take a while for the full scope of research I've done on all my lineages to unfold. Unfortunately, this blog format does not give me many options for footnotes and citation numbers but I will try to state my sources the best I can, until I have it all in the proper format for you.

I'm refraining from entering vital information that I do not have corresponding documents for. I may already have a general or specific date, in most cases, but will be waiting to post the information once the documents have been retrieved.

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